Monday, October 31, 2011


After 2 consecutive months , here comes the final day where in we are about to hail the 4th Blog Idol Winner.
But before that, let's just have a short recap of our previous Blog Idol seasons. Who are the the previous 3 winners? Blog Idol started last 2008 as a fun meme game. We do not have prizes on the first two seasons except for EC Cards and Web Award plaque. Last year, we held the first ever season that offers real prizes amounting to 150$ over all.Now it went up to $180 over all including the tokens and other prizes. Not to mention our Web Hosting service provided by our Sponsor.
Princess of My Daily Ramblings and Rendezvous is our Blog Idol winner for 2008
Foongpc of My Very First Blog won the competition last 2009
Faisal Admar of Life is Too Short to be Ordinary is our Last year's Champion
They are our title holders hehe

And now for the Final result..... with the total of 211 votes..... the Blog Idol 2011 Winner is... (drum roll.........)

Mona Abayle of Working At Home!!!
Congratulations Mona Abayle. You will receive our Grand prize (40$ Cash Via Paypal, Personalized Mug, and a Free Web Hosting for one year)

Mai Yang is our Top 2 and will receive $15 Cash via Paypal and a Personalized Mugs.

Thank you guys for all your support.
Here's a tribute Video for our Blog Idol Batch 2011!
This year's Winning Song Entry - When You Believe by Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston

Til' next year guys..
Again, Congratulations to Mona Abayle!

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