Saturday, October 15, 2011

Random Notes # 4

☒ Not been so active lately because I am currently applying for a job. I just went to attend a job interview yesterday and I think I did great! They told me to expect to receive a call from them next week so I'm looking forward to that. This is going to be a new phase in my life if ever, after being a full time web writer for a year. I'm excited and sad at the same time because i know it will kill most of my blogging time and I will not be as active as what i used to be this past few months because I have to adjust myself first.

☒ Because I am quite busy lately, Milzon and I failed to feature any new crafts in our Art Blog. We're supposed to make some Halloween related art projects this month but we haven't done anything until now. Though I have some crafts to share soon including my paper mache creation and some origamis I learned online. Hopefully I can share them next week.

☒ So far, the only reason why this blog is quite updated is because of my ongoing Blog Idol contest. October is the most unproductive month for my Top Five. I only got one Top Five list as of this moment. My blog Hopping routine is totally screwed up and hopefully i can catch things up again. So sorry guys!

☑ I'm going to change my layout soon.... I'm going to purchase another Header from a very creative blogger who will also be faetured in our IBOTM portion this month. If you're an avid fan of MMORPG, I'm sure you're gonna love her.
☑ I was able to send the first set of Blog idol prizes last Thursday. Those are the Smurf Keychains and PvZ plush toys. I don't have the mugs yet because I have to know the last Url from whoever will get the Top 4 Spot.

☑ Speaking of Blog Idol, Tonight is the last day of voting for our Round 6. TOP 3 will be revealed on Sunday. That would be the start of SEMI FINAL round. Voters should only have to pick a song. Again, that's ONE VOTE per VOTER so that's definitely a Make or Break Round for our finalist. Eliminated Participants are also allowed to vote starting next round.
☑ Despite of all the laziness and inactiveness in blogging, I am really happy that I won SK's Most Frequent Commenter Award for the third quarter year. Isn't so cute? A miniature replica of my blog yay! Thank you Sk for such a wonderful gift, you don't have any idea how happy I am to received such an award. I placed it on my working area to motivate me more in blogging. Thank you so much SK! You're the best!


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