Tuesday, December 25, 2007


Hi there my fellow readers,
its me Bluedreamer,well this would be my last post........this December
time to say goodbye to year 2007
well September 2007 is such a wonderful date for me when i became a member of mybloglog
i enter a world where i dont know anything i dont even know what "blog" is or even how to join other Communities
but then i learned through the help of other bloggers
i just cant imagined that i gained 72 members from december 12 up to the time im typing this message
THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i learned a lot from you
thanks to 100% batanguenio for teaching me how to leave a community message
hehehe i just figured it out how recently
thanks for the most active commentator
thanks for my first ever interviewee in my first ever interview formatted blog portion
"wow"aka "U want to SEE"
and thanks for being an active commentator too
also special thanks to "Waliz" for giving time to visit my site
thanks to "alien of this world" for teaching me how to post my widgets to my blogthanks to Illnaturedgr for giving a great appreciation to my "leave a comment principle"
i thank all these blogs for their wonderful information
i really learned a lot from you
thanks to "space of reality" for giving such an inspiring thoughts and realization
thanks to "look 4 dreamgirls" for giving me way to know lots of famous celebrities and added information to themthanks to "waliz diary" for giving me the enjoyment of reading and make a relevant comparison to my life

thanks to "the view of all seeing eye" for having those wonderful informations
thanks to this site for giving me time to discover the past
i do love classics although i havent saw them
dah im just 18 and i dont know why i like them

this is bluedreamer now signing off December

hope you keep on supporting my blog this coming 2008

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