Monday, December 24, 2007


(from Cheeky Angel)
Cheeky Angel is a comedy romance manga series by Hiroyuki Nishimori. It focuses on the adventures of a 15-year old schoolgirl Megumi Amatsuka, a popular and beautiful tomboy with a secret: she used to be male. Originally a serial in Shonen Sunday, it has been collected in 20 tankobon volumes and adapted as a 50-episode anime series. In 2001, the manga won the Shogakukan Manga Award for sh┼Źnen.
Age of nine, Megumi was a typical boy, rampant wild loud and so on...he dreamt to be the manliest of men... and did everything to become so... one day saves a man being chased and attacked by a gang of other children, which was then realized... a sorcerer. In return, he receives a magic book that would grant him wishes. Megumi being the man that he is... wished to become the manliest man on earth or the man of men. Pierrot, the jester/genie in the book tells him he can and may grant the wish... for the first time is always free, he appears to do what Megumi had asked, but turns out to be a trickster: Megumi becomes a woman of women instead of man of men, Pierrot claiming to have misheard the wish as "woman among women".so left Megumi in rage and bewilderment... the first time is always free the second comes at a would cost 10 years of Megumi's life to reverse it, and as an act of rage she throws the book into a river. Little did she know that after being transformed into a woman she cant be returned to a male without the book, so begins her quest to retrieve it and reverse the spell that has befallen

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