Monday, December 17, 2007


Previously, i posted out the concept of how a certain blog classified as "interesting blog of the month"
Now i will explain and add more details into it.
Interesting blog of the month is the first ever "INTERVIEW-FORMATTED BLOG PORTION"
Interesting blog of the month is done in 4 consecutive ways:


  • I will ask permission to the blog author if he/she is willing ti be featured out as "interesting blog of the month"
  • If permitted,i will give the blog author a series of questions to be answered as a part of the interview


  • Instead of orally,the interview was done written through questionaires
  • Interview was done through "mybloglog" messaging system


  • Once the blog author was done, answers will undergo in "copy-paste-post" process
  • i will reformat the texts as creative as i can to deliver it to readers successfully.


"Interesting blog of the month" is not a competition.This was intended for a matter of appreciation to my community members and a matter of sharing it to other readers

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