Friday, December 28, 2007

This month theme

i set up a theme for this month of January
  • realize how library was been predominated by internet in" just my opinion portion"
  • be inspired with old days classic with Mr Barry Manilow at "fab music portion"
  • recall your memories as you let them enter your imagination once more as i list Top five most famous cartoon character at "top five portion"
  • realize how illegal drugs compared to phytons and be inspired with its wonderful message at "my article portion"
  • open your heart and mind and be inspired with many wonderful thoughts as we featured her blog as "interesting blog of the month January 2008
  • lets make a recall as i compiled top 5 anime's greatest athletes
  • be inspire in the wonderful place of Canada at "get out portion"
  • lets make a deeper realization as whe discover the true message of the song Dont cry Joni at my newest portion " Deep within the song"
  • its time to we feature the most remarkable role played by an actress
  • most remarkable role played by an actor
  • "by request" let us try if we can make readers request

but before we proceed to these portions let me give you a preparatory post for our theme
"recall,realize and inspire"

Recall;to remember;to call back;to bring back in awareness or attention

looking at photographs in your albums or scrap books is the best example of how to make a recall

in photographs you dont just captured the images,you also saved the memories

through this kind of recalling your past memories by looking at recent photos you will now enter the deeper part of it or what we called "Realization"

i can classify "realization in two different ways
one is the Simple way of realization
and the other is the deeper kind

in the simple way of of realization we are just making a physical comparison between you in the photo and you in the present"oh its that me?"
"oh look how cute iam when i was just 4 years old"

these are declarative sentences that expressed simple realization
here,we are just focusing in physical changes

"how i wish i could turn back those time to play along with my childhood friends again"

here i am making a deeper realization
i just realized how everything was change as we grow older

here, we are not after the physical changes we are now focusing to deeper aspects like emotional, social,and even spiritual

realization may extend to the deepest part which is what we called "Inspiration"

"this is me and my younger brother"

this picture will served as our inspiration that we will never change the way we treat each other even we have our own families already and no matter how many obstacles we may encounter

"this is a class picture of my mom"

she always try to show this picture to us
hoping that we can get an inspiration

"she go to school without even having breakfast;
she walk s far so as to go to school;
she work in a very young age to get her education"

she keep on telling this into us so that this will served as our inspiration that no mater how hard or how difficult the challenges,we should never give up to our last breathe

so go on my fellow reader.....

recall your past....make a deep realization ......and get an inspiration

have a nice day,

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