Monday, December 24, 2007


(from Flame of Recca)
Fuko Kirisawa is one of Recca's classmates in high school. Ever since they were kids, she has fought against Recca but always lost. With Recca's challenge and his offer of becoming a personal ninja who will serve anyone that defeats him in battle, Fuko becomes even more determined to win. When she discovers that Recca has already chosen a "master" (his "Hime" Yanagi), and that Yanagi did not defeat him in battle but Recca SIMPLY CHOSE her, she gets very angry.
Kage Houshi then takes this opportunity to test Recca's flame by giving Fuko the elemental weapon called Fujin, a bracelet with five crystals with the ability to control wind. At first, the Fujin's power takes control of Fuko and gives her an uncontrollable lust for battle, which nearly defeats Recca. But Recca summons his flame and later makes Fuko snap out of her trance. Eventually, Fuko gains control of the Fujin and quickly masters all its abilities.
Sometimes,due to her strong personality she often mistaken as a lesbian

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