Monday, December 24, 2007


(from Galaxy Angels)
At age 22, Forte Stollen is first lieutenant and squad leader of the Galaxy Angels. A strong and brusque woman, she often leads the Angels into combat to victory, and usually gets their mission objectives completed. Her most notable characteristics are her above-average height and strength, large breasts prominently displayed by her elegant dress, superior marksmanship and knowledge of firearms, and left-eye monocle.
Forte's life is rather complex and immersed in neverending conflict. She first learned how to use guns as a child trying to survive in the city where gunfights were frequent. A chance encounter with Huey O. Volcott brought her into the military academy and out of the harsh urban environment. In her military career prior to assignment to the Angels she served as infantry, her most notable role being the neutralization of experimental killer robots gone awry. At some point later on, however, she joined a revolutionary organization and fought for them before leaving.
Forte, as Ranpha once put it, is a "man among women." She has a rough personality, believing in the virtues of brute force and generally leaping into things without much of a plan. Prone to violence, she often beat people up when annoyed or sometimes point her gun at others. She keeps a massive collection of firearms and artillery in her room and underneath her dress, her most favorite piece being a revolver she keeps at her side. Fond of drink, Forte often spends her free time chugging alcohol when not cleaning her guns. She is also prone to spending great deals of money at casinos.
After her service in the Galaxy Angels, at age 26 Forte was given command of a battleship and had personally trained Lily C. Sherbet to lead the next generation of Angels.

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