Sunday, May 22, 2011

Blame it to Chedeng!

Yikes! I've been away online for almost a day! Blame it to the Typhoon Chedeng! The typhoon caused Brownout which took over 10 hours. I'm not sure if it was a scheduled Brownout and we are not being notified or something really went wrong to the power lines because of the strong wind and heavy rain caused by the typhoon. It was quite irritating because i have so many pending works to do online and I just can't do anything but to wait until the power is being restored. Oh it is kinda frustrating too because i failed to meet my goal! I was aiming to be present on Twitter for one straight week LOL. I just find Twitter more interesting than Facebook now haha. Good thing i am not playing my favorite casino games that time too or else something worse could have happened LOL. I might end up throwing my PC haha (just kidding). Just imagine you are in the middle of the game and then the power suddenly being cut off! Damn! You will end up losing the game and your money as well though i am, not sure if you'll get a refund. I guess, i better start looking for any casino games for mobiles so that I can still enjoy gaming even if it is brown out. I just can't download huge files on my phone so i guess mobile casinos will work out for me through my WiFi. I saw some cool Slot games online too though they are available only for iPhones. Sobs! I wish i could try those iPhone casinos someday.
Anyway, if there is something that I should be thankful about this 10 hour Brownout, that would be the time I've spent reading the Harry Potter And the Deathly Hallows book! Yay! I have read the first 12 chapters in one night! The longest time i have ever spent in a book! Whoa! What an achievement! LOL...


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