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It's IBOTM time and I am so proud to share you another cool Blog this month

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A Holiday Haven
Blog Author Jessa Irene

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What Is Your Blog All About?

Holidays, of corse, but also about everyday special and making the most of life.
When And How did you start Blogging?

I have been blogging for about a year and a half. I started my blog both as a way to inspire others and keep myself organized. I literally took my holiday calendar and turned it into the holiday challenge. I have since found that it has helped me to remember to take time for myself (which is no small task as a mom of three). It has also challenged me to develop my creativity to a level I never thought I could attain.

Blogs I Like (Characteristics)

I love blogs with lots of photos and beauty. Blogs that are thoughtfully written, with helpful ideas for everyday living.

Blogs I Dislike (Characteristics)

Ones that are mostly advertising or give-aways. While I do not mind the occasional ad or the like (after all most blogs are written by moms who would benefit from a little extra money) the blogs where most every post is an ad or give away I find hard to follow.
What Motivates you to Blog?

I love sharing ideas with others. When someone tells me that they used an idea and I inspired them to create a memory with there loved ones, there is no better reward than that! Plus in creating posts I have learned ways to add beauty to my own home, give hand made gifts, and make wonderful recipes. Remembering to take time for myself, I have found, also blesses my family.

Who Are your Target Readers?

Women, mostly moms, though I have readers with grown children. I have found that children love my blog too. (And I love that!)
What is Your Most
Favorite post and Why?

What an amazing life' is probably my favorite post on Holiday Haven because it gives insight into who I am, and is probably the closest post I have to describing what I am working to accomplish with my site.

Things We Should Expect from your Blog these succeeding months
Father's day is coming up and I have lots of great ideas! Plus I will soon be sharing vacation ideas again.
Tips For Our Readers About Blogging

The single best traffic tip I can give is: name your photos! More than half of the traffic I get comes from google's image search. The best time management tip I can give is: instead of living your life to create a blog, use your website to keep you on schedule in your life.

Thank you so much Jessa Irene
for allowing me to feature your very interesting blog. Please do take this "Excellent Site Award" as a matter of appreciation.

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Watch out for my next month IBOTM Awardee.
Once again, this is Bluedreamer and Jessa Irene
, Breaking the Boundaries!

I am also sharing this Award to our Previous IBOTM Awardee Marikoy. I forgot to include the Excellent Blog Award last month. Sorry Marikoy. Please accept this Award. Thanks a lot.

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