Saturday, May 21, 2011

The Tales of Balut!

For us bloggers, pictures play a very important role in making each of our entries more interesting for our beloved readers. We cannot deny the fact that not all our readers read our post from the very first word up to the end. I, myself, somehow feel bored when it comes to reading long entries not just in blogs but also in books that's why i prefer reading comics or Japanese mangas because they are all illustrated and it is easy for me to know the storyline simply by looking at the images. Anyway, about my blog, it is really necessary to upload pictures every time i post an entry especially for those lengthy articles. In that way, even my readers do not read my entire entry, at least they are aware about my list and they can still leave me related comments about my post. We work hard to make each articles and receiving unrelated comments will somehow makes you feel unappreciated.
Speaking of comments, I guess pictures can contribute and attract more readers too. Make it funny or eye-catching if you want to gain more followers. Remember the "Wordless Wednesday" memes? Bloggers put pictures without adding any words to describe them, but still, a lot of their followers leave their comments base on what they see on the picture. Well, pictures are great but you can make it even better by putting some funny photo effects online. Okay, i know you can download software like Photoshop but it takes time before you master all those techniques in editing. Mine took almost a year to learn the basics! Haha.
hahaha so what can you say about this one? Well, you do not have to download any software like Photoshop and you do not have to spend a year just by mastering the editing tools since you can make photo funny effect by simply uploading your photos online. Just like this one.
Funny Pictures
LOL. I got this photo from in less than a minute! I discovered the site last night and i started to make funny pictures online. Oh and they make Photo Effect everyday so you better bookmark their site to keep you updated with their latest designs. Care to see my pictures? I made a short story about the phenomenal Balut! LOL. It is an undying topic on Twitter between Me, Foongpc, Marzie, Tekkaus and Bill. Enjoy!
Funny Pictures
This Story is brought to you by Balut and Penoy Productions.
Funny Pictures
Long long ago, an explorer named Miltonus Augustus landed on an archipelago known as Felipinas. He was welcomed by a very hospitable tribe headed by Foongalou!
Both of them remained in good terms until one day, a ship from Vietnam came in. King Billores, the captain of the ship, imported some of their premium quality eggs. He told the two leaders that he can share all his eggs in one condition, they should create a very nice appetizer dish in exchange. So the two serve their own specialties. Miltonus Augustus offered his very nice Omelet while Foongalou offered his well-cooked and perfectly done sunny side-up egg!
They presented it to King Billores but he was not satisfied. He threatened the two that if they failed to make a good dish within a month, they will start to conquer the place and will make all people as their slaves.
So the two worked hard, they submitted a different egg dish every day but the King is still rejecting it. Well, the two failed to realized that the eggs are being incubated for almost 20 days and most of them are being fertilized. So to avoid the eggs from hatching and to save their fellow countrymen, they took the risk and boiled the eggs and serve it to the King. The King ate the dish without noticing the little duck popping from the egg. He was satisfied about the taste but then after looking at egg dish, he was terrified and he can't imagine that he just ate a horrifying-looking fertilized duck! LOL. He ran away and never came back. The people named it Balut which means wrapped. Since then, the people from that island started serving Balut as one of their delicacies. Until now, Balut is so popular among all countries in Asia including Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand and Philippines.
Funny Pictures
Because of its popularity, see, Beyonce promoting Balut now! LOL
Funny Pictures
Angelina is also preparing for her Upcoming movie about Balut. LOL
Happy weekend everyone!


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