Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Busy May For Me and Milzon

Our Art Blog is currently on Hiatus for this May. I mean, we will not make any new crafts this month because Milzon and Mirasol are both busy preparing for their upcoming school enrollment. But for the meantime, you can revisit our previous crafts and also, i will try to re-post some of our early art projects too if i have time. But we promise to give you more exciting art crafts next month since we are about to introduce our so-called "Our Little Corners: Reloaded" Project. There will be major changes to our blog and we will try to make it more educational for you.

Anyway, back to our School Enrollment preparation, since Milzon chose not to take his Summer class, I took the responsibility as his personal tutor haha. Well, i really need to teach him in advance to make it easier for him to understand his future lessons. Right now, we're practicing cursive writing and also i am teaching him to master the "Dolch word" list. English actually is his weakest subject so we have to focus more on that.

I am not expecting that teaching kids will be this hard. Well teaching has always been my passion but now, i am in doubt with that LOL. I just can't handle all the stress because aside from this, i am also facing my own issues which making me so depressed. And that is something i don't want to happened because whenever i get depressed, i really eat a lot and that will just ruin my diet plan. Sobs. Actually i am planning to change my diet plan from my so called "No rice Diet", i think i wanna switch it to a protein diet plan so that i can try those yummy-looking protein choco bars i saw online hahaha. Isn't perfect, chocolates are known as anti-depressant and that kind of diet will allow you to eat such a scrumptious snack like that haha.
Okay that's all for now, i will give you more updates about our Art Blog soon.

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