Thursday, May 12, 2011

I got My PR 3 Back and Blog Idol Season 4 Update

Whoa! I am not expecting this to come but after checking it almost 10 times today, Yup! it is confirmed! I got my PR back! Cheers! I waited for about 2 years before MR. G generously bring them back to me. I am not sure how long this PR3 will stay but i am happy to have it again.
Anyway, i am here to inform you about the upcoming Blog Idol Season 4.Supposed to be, May is the starting point of the competition but i decided to moved the date to September as a part of my 4th year Anniversary here in the Blogosphere.
I don't have the sponsors yet but i will soon invite them again to join our yearly music game. Of course, the prize will be much higher than last year.
I am also planning to change some rules, making the game more exciting but they are not yet finalized. So if you have any suggestions, feel free to post your comment here.
Would it be great to have real judges? Would it be wonderful to see the contestants singing their songs? What else should i do to make this game more interesting?
By the way, i am about to post a new Top Five entry today but I lost my article since Blogger is undergoing system maintenance that time. I Don't know what happened but i just can't find that article on my drafts. Sobs. Will post it tomorrow.


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