Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Do It Yourself

You guys don't know what happened last week with my phone! I've been tweeting about this after that horrible incident. So here's the story behind it. Well, Milzon was making some art crafts so i decided to take some shots using the camera of my cellphone. After few minutes, mother called us for dinner so i left the phone on the table and went directly to the kitchen to take my supper. So after the dinner, i decided to get my phone again and i was really shocked to see that my phone is so wet. I failed to notice that i placed my phone right beside a pitcher filled with cold water and ice cubes. So water caused by the moisture flows into my mobile. Damn!
And since i am so impatient, i decided to fix it myself. Hahaha. I don't have any knowledge about fixing mobile phones but i decided to disassembled it. I thought, i just have to wipe all the internal spare of it including the chips. So after wiping, i try to assemble it again.

Okay! I can't close the housing of my phone... maybe something is wrong... i tried it again. Ooops! I forgot the keypad...(disassembling again). Finally! got it all fixed! Lemme turn it on. Uh Oh, not turning on! One more time! Gosh! Not working at all! WHAT HAVE I DONE!
Well, i learned something from it! Never try to fix something if you do not know how to fix it at all!
Yikes! I am so clumsy and I should have realized it on the first place before ruining my mobile phone. I never try to fix anything in our house even those heavy household chores that require some repairs like plumbing issues for example.

I wish i could but i'm really such a disastrous guy so i dare not to touch them at all. But just like what they said, you'll never know a thing unless you try it right? I wonder if taking some risks is really a good idea. Well, exploring some new things isn't that bad and besides, it broadened your knowledge and will let you discover some new ideas that you can use in the near future.
That's exactly what i did last night while i was trying to figure out how if we encounter the same issues? Who will fix it for us? I know we can contact a plumber anytime, but sometimes, you have to be very practical. Most minor plumbing issues can actually be a "Do It yourself" tasks but of course, you need to have at least a brief knowledge about it.
And so I went to PEXUniverse.Com. It is actually an online shop, a great source of Radiant heating and PEX Plumbing supplies but if you're going to navigate the site, you can see some relative information and tips that are so useful if ever you encounter some piping issues at home.
So here, i grabbed some info and photos from their site (my avatar not included).
So if ever you're planning to install PEX tubing, here are some points to remember.
Of course, you need to have the right tools before you start which includes the Pex Tubing itself, the crimp tool and the cutter.
►First you have to cut the tube. In order to establish a crimp connection, you have to cut the PEX tubing smoothly and evenly. You can use other cutters but i suggest that you used a Cutter specifically made for PEX tubes.
►Take the PEX crimp ring and slide it over the tubing approximately 2” past the end.
►Fully insert the PEX fitting into the PEX tubing in a way, so that the fitting’s shoulder touches the tubing.
►Position the PEX crimp ring 1/4”-1/8” from the end of the tubing. This way the crimp ring will be right above the PEX fitting’s barbs.
►Now open the PEX crimp tool’s jaws.
►Position the PEX crimp tool over the crimp ring evenly, at 90-degrees to the tubing. Make sure that jaws of the tool are centered over the crimp ring and it stays in place.
►Close the crimp tool’s jaws completely.

Viola! Connection is complete. Whew! No sweat! hahaha I wonder if i can perform it in an actual scenario. LOL.
Anyway, if these information didn't work out, you can always check their site for more instructions.
Well, i hope you learn something new today!
Have a great day and happy blogging guys!


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