Sunday, June 20, 2010

Blog at Wix

You all know how "blogoholic" i am and just recently, i found a very cool website builder that is very easy to will makes you feel like a professional blogger because of their easy to customize web layouts.
You can start creating your own blog by following three quick steps; Click, Replace and Customize.

Click ~ Just click any item or widget and drag it in a place where you want it to appear.

Replace ~ Just replace the ready made widgets to your desired one
Customize ~ customize your page using thew control panel at the bottom part of the site.

You can also add Videos, clip art, animations, photos, and a whole lot more.

Actually, this site and their template are very advisable for photoblogs as you can input some photo galleries on the main page. Templates are also great for promotions.
So if you want something new, why not try the free website offeres by
This is a great start for new bloggers and for those who are willing to extend their blogging into a new heights.
But if you don't want a site with sub domain, you can upgrade your plan into premium where you can get a chance to buy your own domain for your site.

But for the meantime, you can try their free offers to see how the system works.
Here, i also give it a try.
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