Thursday, June 3, 2010

Blog Idol New List of Prizes

I am so happy about the success of the Blog Idol Round 3. At least now, everything is clear. I am happy that the Idol game is now more transparent, more accurate, and more fun. We still have one more day before we figure out our Top 8.
All idol participants are promoting their songs and exerting their effort. And as a matter of appreciation, i will be giving additional prizes for the game. Each idol will receive a prize from me.

Here's now the new list of Blog Idol prizes

Top 11- Top 7 will receive this cute Capiz Box

Top 6 - Top 4 will also receive a Capiz Box and a Key Chain

Top 3
Will get a 10$ Cash via Paypal

Top 2
Will get 15$ via Paypal

and the Winner will get
35 $ cash via Paypal

To Summarize it all
Blog Idol Commenter - Blog Idol Tshirt
Top 11 -Capiz Box
Top 10 - Capiz Box
Top 9 - Capiz Box
Top 8 - Capiz Box
Top 7 - Capiz Box
Top 6 - Capiz Box And Key Chain
Top 5 - Capiz Box And Key Chain
Top 4 - Capiz Box And Key Chain
Top 3 - $10
Top 2 - $15
Blog Idol 2010 - $35

I ordered the Capiz Boxes from Soloden of You can contact him by visiting his page here. Each Boxes is worth 4.5$. He also got a 4x6x4 Inches Capiz box.

Also a big thanks to my Sponsors Ate Norms of Travel & Photography and Ate Belle of MB's Tips, thoughts and Reviews. each of them will share 10$. Thank you so much.

By the way to all Blog idol Participants. Please leave me a message in my facebook and provide your home or mailing address.
Speaking of Facebook, if you want to support your idol, you can encourage your facebook friends or twitter friends to vote too! They just need to provide their Facebook profile link or twitter profile link.

Have a great day everyone and happy blogging.

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