Sunday, June 20, 2010

Blog Idol Final 5 Revealed

hi guys, i'm back and thank you for all your support. It's been a hard week for me but i have to look forward to the positive side. Thank you guys.

Sorry for this late post. Today i will be posting our Blog Idol Round 5 Result.

Faisal Admar and Marites got the same number of votes so they both got the first spot.

Faisal Admar and Marites = 26 votes

Top 2

Bananaz = 21 votes

Top 3

Mariuca = 21 votes

Top 4

Bill = 16 votes

Nisha got the least number of votes for this week.

Nisha Ashmed
Thank you so much Nisha for participating, you submitted great entries and than k you for being so sport.
Have a great day and happy blogging.

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