Friday, June 18, 2010

Will be Off From blogging for Few Days

I'll be off from blogging for few days. I just need some time to relax and think and to cheer my self up after losing my Granma yesterday. I've been a Granma's boy ever since. I spent most of my life with my Lola and it is really hard for me to accept that she will not be here anymore.
She has a Liver Cancer and got a lot of complications to other organs including her lungs, her heart and her kidney.
She also lost her sight because of her cataract. I visited her last Monday after receiving a call from my mom that my Lola is requesting to see me. I felt so bad seeing her condition. I just hug her tightly while crying. I told her to be strong, i even crack some jokes in which i am used to be. I always have fun seeing her laughing every time i crack jokes but last monday is really different because my lola is really suffering from her illness.
Tuesday morning, her condition became worst. She's difficultly catching her breath and so we rushed her to the hospital .
The doctor told how bad my grandma's condition is and they bring her to the ICU. There, a nurse connect some medical apparatus to my lola.

I took some photos of it because my Uncle abroad is requesting to see her condition.
All of her relatives went to the hospital to check her condition too.

They turn over my lola to the Sweet Room. We try to monitor her condition by looking at the medical apparatus beside her. We are not familiar with the numbers we saw on screen but the heart rate went down so as the pulse rate. We called the doctor immediately. I saw my mom and my Auntie crying already after the doctor made some pumping procedure at my lola's chest. I felt like my heart is breaking into pieces in each pump. I started to cry begging for my lola to stay strong. The pumping took 30 - 45 minutes, then the doctor took a flash light from his pocket and check my lola's eyes. They continue to do the process until we heard a long beep sound from the monitor. We all know what that sound is. Everyone is crying in that room so as me.
So please forgive me if i will not be around for few days... i will try to schedule some post today.
Thank you for your consideration.

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