Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Small Business After Her Retirement

Time really run out so fast, it seems that it’s just yesterday when I saw my Auntie actively working in her company , enjoying her career and now I can’t imagine that she’s preparing for her retirement already. It is good to see that she has plans for her future after giving up her work. She is planning to make a Small Business so that she can keep her self busy even she doesn’t have any work. As far as I know, she already applied for a Small Business Loan to support her upcoming business.
Actually, before this Business Loan that I am referring with, she already started her business by this cute little booth. It’s like a burger stand or something.

I am happy for her and for her plans. She even asks me to draw a logo for her booth in which I did. I am not that good in sketching so what I made for her is a conventional drawing (something like anime). I really had so much fun.

Anyway, she become very interested with these Small Business Loans after it is being referred to her by a friend who is now a successful businesswoman.
I also want to start a business for my mom, though I am not yet eligible for these Business Loans but I have heard that there are what so-called Unsecured Personal Loans that are not backed up by any collateral and they are said to be cheaper and carries less risk for the borrowers.
If you want to know more about these Unsecured Loans, you can visit www.ezunsecured.com. I have heard that they are offering interest rates for as low as 6%. They also have the fastest approval process which takes 1-3 days only.
I am 21 years old now and just like what I said, time really run out so fast and I am not getting any younger so I think it is just right to think something for my future!
Have a great day everyone.

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