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If you are wondering why i post this portion too early , it is because our IBOTM awardee is celebrating his very special day exactly today!!

OF [SK/0617]™
Happy Birthday [SK]!!

What is your blog all about?

Well, I don't have a specific theme for my blog, it's all about myself. I write about anything that comes into my mind - What i see, hear, feel, think, encounter and experience.

When and How did you start blogging?

My very first post was dated 13th March 2006. It was actually an influence from some close friends who were (still) blogging back then, while reading their entries on that fine day, I decided to join the blogsphere - and it all started from this little impulse.

I've been an avid fan of your blog and love reading your entries, among all these post, what is your most favorite and why?

It's actually tough to tell which particular post is my favourite, because they are all my "babies", I treat them all as my precious. Anyway if you really need something more specific, perhaps I can say those that I've made interactive by using creative scriptings. :p

What motivates you to blog?

Definitely responses from my readers. I enjoy reading comments from readers, as well as replying them one by one, this is how you know what your readers think about what you've written. I would like to take this chance to thank my readers for their effort, whether they comment or chosed to be just silent-reader.

Something we don't know from SK

Hmmm, this is a tough question. Even myself don't really understand myself thoroughly, not to mention how well readers know about myself and what I've not shared with them. Haha :D

What is the greatest thing you have learnt from blogging?

Can't really think of what that I've "learnt" from blogging, but I can tell that the greatest thing I've "gained" from blogging is the opportunity to interact with bloggers from around the blogsphere and to get more exposure in knowing more blogger friends, of course 90% virtually.

What are the things we should expect from "SK 0617" these upcoming months?

Ummmm, I don't really plan for my post entries, never really. My style of writing posts are very current and spontaneous, whatever comes to my mind goes into the new post. Although sometimes I do think ahead what topic to write for the day, I never plan for future days.

By the way, I am wondering, what does "SK/0617" means?

Nothing complicated and it's not a code either. SK is my initial and 0617 is my birthday, that's it why I named by blog [SK/0617]. :)

Any precious tips you can share to newbies and fellow bloggers on blogging?

Just keep your blog simple. Some bloggers like to upload piles of photos, and add in a lot of widgets, but little do they know this actually slows down the page load and performance. Readers don't really care about the widgets, it's the blog owner who thinks it's cool and just added the load to the blog. As for photos, if need be to upload a lot to share, then try to reduce the size. Remember, the longer it takes for your blog to load, and the lengthier your post is, the less patient and interested your reader will be.

Thank you so much [SK] for allowing me to feature your blog. Please do take this "Excellent Site Award" as a matter of appreciation.

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