Wednesday, June 2, 2010

My New Header!

How's my Header version 3.0?? I am really excited about this header, actually i should be changing this header every September as I celebrate my blogoversary but i can't wait for 4 more months before replacing it with this cute one.
This header is designed by Bablih, a new friend of mine. Aside from blogging, i am also keeping my self busy by killing mobs and monsters, upgrading my weapons, changing my armor and exploring the magical world of FLYFF. FlyFF is one of my favorite MMORPG game.
Anyway, i saw Bablih's works after visiting the official forum of Flyff Philippines. She used to help other flyffers in making their own signature image. I am very impressed with her art works and i was like jumping out from my chair when i found out that she has a blog too!
I never waste any of my time and visit her site immediately.
And then i found out that she is accepting requests from other flyffers to make a signature image or an avatar for them.
And so, i asked her if she can make a header for me. And here's what i got! (the header above)
I told her that i want an avatar who will reflects my personality.
So that's it, i got an avatar wearing eyeglasses and polo shirst.. haha It is sooo me! ^_^
Thank you so much Bablih for this lovely header.

Oh if you want a customized header like this, you can visit Bablih at her site and leave a message on her chat box. This header is worth 10$ .. not bad right? Actualy i got a bonus picture aside from this header
See Yah!

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